A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hook n' Lure is a basic 2D fishing simulator game made with Processing 3. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your hook towards fish, and use the left & right arrows or A & D to reel them in once they bite. The fish will fight back, though; don't let them drag you down to the bottom of the sea, or they'll escape. Watch out for trash and dangerous objects (such as jellyfish)!

This game was made by a team of four people:
Sam Rosenthal: Art
Alex Hart: Interface & Design
Gunnar Morkri: Audio
Alec Ochowski: Programming

Out of respect to the other developers who put work into this project, it won't ever be monetized in any form. It's only been uploaded to serve as an accessible portfolio piece for me.


Install instructions

The zip file download contains everything needed to run the game on 32 and 64 versions of Windows and Linux, as well as on Mac. Simply navigate to the folder that corresponds to your operating system and run the executable file there to start the game. The source code is there, too.



hook_n_lure.zip 221 MB

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